How MeetEU reaches everyone in Europe

As part of European campaigns, MeetEU regularly organizes projects to involve people from different EU countries in democratic processes across generations. We actively work to incorporate our experiences into the design of future campaigns.


Conference on the Future of Europe

Make the Voices of European Students heard! As part of the Future of Europe Conference, we developed a campaign to reach teachers and students in 24 languages with the support of the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the European Committee of Regions. Through our campaign, we have received mostly positive feedback, including from schools, EDICs, and young Europeans. The campaign was patronized by Guy Verhofstadt.

October 2021

Workshop at the European Youth Event

As part of the European Youth Event, a group of MeetEU team members presented the campaign to other young people at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The workshop had more than 130 registrations! At the same time, MeetEU also collected and handed over the hopes of young Europeans on a map. In total, 11 nationalities were part of the MeetEU delegation. We also welcomed several members of the ThinkTank Polis180 in our Group.