EU’s Foreign Aid – How to Create Lasting Change?

Whether it’s funding large infrastructure projects like wind turbines in Egypt or supporting farmers in Cameron, the European Union finances and coordinates a wide range of projects with partners around the world. Let’s speak about this with Maria from the European Commission.

The EU’s development cooperation aims not only to improve the life of people in developing regions, but also to help create a climate-friendly future by promoting sustainable initiatives.

How does the EU try implementing lasting changes through its projects? What are its goals, and how does the funding of a project in developing regions work?

Join us and learn more about the EU’s efforts in the field of development cooperation.

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Home Parliaments – EU Holiday, Education, And More

Closed Session – prior registration required!

Most us are in favour of opportunities for citizen participation. The organization Pulse of Europe has developed a process which facilitates exactly this with a process they call “home parliaments”. The current session lasts till December 6 and deals with the following 3 questions:

  1. Should there be a joint European Public Holiday to commemorate Europe’s shared history and values
  2. Should history education in Europe’s schools provide more common European content and go beyond national narratives?
  3. Should EU enlargement be accelerated for countries with candidate status?

If anybody of you is interested in discussing these topics and feeding the results of our discussions to high level European politicians, write to us

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EU Citizen Participation—Democracy Booster or Flop?

The Conference on the Future of Europe has produced a lot of citizens proposals as well as numerous pictures. Images that can be found on EU websites, in the media and even on our website.

But what about the recommendations of the citizens? Are they being used to shape the future of the European Union? What about their implementation? Or was it just citizen participation for the cameras?

In any case, with the Conference, the EU has taken a new step towards more citizen participation. Should and will this course be continued? And if so, how?

With Damian Böselager, Member of the European Parliament (Volt), we want to talk about the goals, possibilities and limits of citizen participation. How the results of Citizen Panels relate to our elected representatives in the European Parliament. And what needs to happen for citizen participation to succeed.

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