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Would you like to talk about Europe with people from across the EU and beyond? Discuss your ideas directly with Members of the European Parliament, EU officials and activists? Gain a cross-border perspective?

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MeetEU - 2nd Place winner of the

Jean Monnet Prize 2021

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Once a week, we host online meetings with Members of European Parliament, European Commission representatives, EU experts and activists.

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Share your views on our Discord. Listen to others in community events. Host an event yourself. Help all of us learn more about Europe.

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We bring people together for real conversations about European issues. This mutual understanding is an awarding experience and leads to new friendships.


EU’s Foreign Aid – How to Create Lasting Change?

Whether it's funding large infrastructure projects like wind turbines in Egypt or supporting farmers in Cameron, the European Union finances and coordinates a wide range of projects with partners around the world.

Home Parliaments – EU Holiday, Education, And More

CLOSED SESSION - PRIOR REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Most us are in favour of opportunities for citizen participation. The organization Pulse of Europe has developed a process which facilitates exactly this with a process they call “Home Parliament”. If you want to join, email us.

EU Citizen Participation—Democracy Booster or Flop?

The Conference on the Future of Europe has produced a lot of citizens proposals. Are they being used to shape the future of Europe? What about their implementation?

European Year of the youth

Watch our #LevelUp22 aftermovie!

During the LevelUp Event—Accelerating Change organized by the European Youth Forum, 16 young Europeans of the MeetEU project coming from more than 10 different countries travelled to Brussels. In the heart of the European Democracy, the European Parliament, they acquired important new skills to make a change.

This Event was organized within the framework of the European Year of the Youth.

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Let's chat

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