2022 is the European Year of Youth #EYY2022! 9 topics, from the future of our labour market to inclusion questions, will be discussed with and by young people. The aim is to have a broad debate about the problems and concerns of the young generation, and at the same time – after two years of pandemic – to make a fresh start.

MeetEU is committed to discussing and communicating the 9 youth issues of the European Year of Youth through an intergenerational exchange.

The European Year of Youth should bring a paradigm shift in how we include young people in policy and decision-making. The objectives of the Year are to listen, engage and promote concrete opportunities for youth. We also need to bridge the gap between generations.
Mariya Gabriel
Commissioner for Education and Youth

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Find thousands of inspiring events—including ours—on the digital map of the European Year of Youth.

Advanced Heading
A Intergenerational Simulation

Become A Minister For One Day

As part of the European Year of Youth, MeetEU organized a digital simulation of the Council of the European Union together with BETA Europa. Within this project, Europeans of different nationalities and generations came together and took the role of ministers—truly united in their diversity.

Let's Discuss Europe Together

More than digital 25 Events

Since January 2022, MeetEU organized more than 25 digital, intergenerational, cross boarder and free-to-access events. All of them were dealing with different EU related issues, covering various policy areas. Together with representatives from the European Commission, important figures of civil society movements and sciences as well as Members of the European Parliament we created a place for mutual feedback and interesting discussions.

Advanced Heading
A campaign to promote the Conference on the Future of Europe

Make the Voice of Europen Students Heard!

With support of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Committee on the Regions, MeetEU realized a comprehensive campaign in all EU languages to reach out to students and educational staff! The objective: Bringing the Conference on the Future of Europe into the classrooms of the European Union. Like this, MeetEU made the voices of European Students heard.